“bailey’s guitar symphony… with a name like that it would be brilliant even if it wasn’t. but it is, so there”  – drowned in sound


“heroic” – les bicknell


‘the most fun I’ve had having my ears burnt since Swans’ – Andy Field 


THIS MACHINE WON’T KILL FASCISTS BUT IT MIGHT GET YOU LAID is a series of compositions for and about the electric guitar. Extreme and exploratory, THIS MACHINE is equal parts punk rock and modern classical. Klanging metallic textures, insistent overtones and grinding repetitions performed in sharp suits, at maximum volume.

current lineup: george percy (fender telecaster),  alicia jane turner (fender jag), nicolas heiso kort (les paul), christopher brett bailey (legend strat copy).





20 / 05 / 17 – morgue fest, London

14 – 17 / 07/16 – LATITUDE FESTIVAL, suffolk


20/04/16 – HACKNEY SHOWROOM, london

17/07/15 – LATITUDE FESTIVAL, suffolk

19/12/14 – SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL, london

06/07/13 – DoubleDotBash, SOUTH STREET ARTS, reading

23/04/13 – Forest Fringe at THE GATE, london

17/04/12 – CAFE OTO, london

8/06/12 – HORSE HOSPITAL, london

30/11/11 – KLANGDESTINE, arch 212, london, se15

2/06/11 – CHISENHALE DANCE SPACE, london