‘A glorious piece of Grindhouse grotesque’
– Three Weeks (2010) ★★★★★


“Bad taste, in your face, puke-worthy”
– Fringe Review  ★★★★ *Highly Recommended Show*


Latest 7  ★★★★★


“Bailey’s politically incorrect monster of a show delivers in spades…the Fringe needs more shows like this!”
– ScotsGay  ★★★★


“It’s more than you dare hope to find at the Fringe: young, fresh talent with intelligence, wit, irreverence and the technique to carry it off.”
– Three Weeks (2009) ★★★★★ *Winner: Three Weeks Editor’s Choice Award*


“Relentlessly inventive and recklessly funny, a show which genuinely has something to say.”
– What’s On Stage ★★★★


“Played to a near hysterical audience.”
– The Guardian 


2headedpigeon theatre co. presents: The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billly the Kid…

Billy shoots his Mom because he doesn’t want to go to school. Free from parental control, will he ever manage to clean up the mess? Will his father discover that he’s seducing the pizza delivery girl, wrapped in the skin of his dead wife? Will the pizza delivery girl fulfill her aspirations of perfect customer service? Billy thinks he’s got away with murder but nothing’s ever that simple …and Billy’s mom is up in heaven, galvanizing an army of feminist angels…

From pub theatres and comedy clubs to an unlikely run of late-night performances at the Unicorn Children’s Theatre,  The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy the Kid toured the UK off and on from Xmas 2007 til Halloween 2010, earning a ThreeWeeks Editor’s Choice Award and a cover feature in the Guardian’s G2 Magazine in 2009.




Halloween 2010 – Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor

Edinburgh Fringe 2010 – Bedlam Theatre

Brighton Fringe 2010 – Hanbury Ballroom

Edinburgh Fringe 2009 – Just the Tonic @ The Caves

a weekend in March 2009 – The Plough Inn, Walthamstow

most of January 2009 – The Courtyard Theatre, London

a week in June 2008 – Unicorn Children’s Theatre, London

an evening in December 2007 – Chigwell Drama Centre, Chigwell

a weekend in December 2007 – Riverside Studios, London


From 2009 onwards the show was presented by 2headedpigeon Theatre Co. and directed/produced by powerhouse, trouble-maker and close close friend Clare Shucksmith.

Billy was first performed by students on the Contemporary Theatre BA at E15 under the direction and guidance of Uri Roodner, without whom the show could not and would not have been. Many deep thankyous and much love to Uri.


And acres of gratitude and well-wishes to the following performers, musicians and technicians that lent their immeasurable talents and bottomless angers to my stupid little show: Carrie Acors, Paul Ashby, Rachel Boulton, Laura Burdon-Manley, Ryan Brannon, Rachel Chambers, Benoit Charland, Carly Davis, Alan Devally, James Dick, Amy Dolan, Louise Dolan, Claire Evans, Joe Garcia, Joshua Gilvary, Victoria Grove, Zoe Hinks, Josh Hulks, Michael Keane, Ruth Kestenbaum, Nicolas Heiso Kort, Danny Lawrence-Earles, Tomas Loftus, Annabelle Logan, Alexander Macmillan, Phil Mann, Jumkoe Oke, Eduardo Phul, Freddy Rayfield, Paul Rich, Somalia Seaton, Sheila Stocking, Rachel Sutton, Matthew Thomas, Ashleigh Thurlow, Emma Wilson, Kelly Wood,


 Check ’em yo:




Pics are from the 2headedpigeon Bedlam Theatre run, courtesy of the inimitable Vicotria Grove. Top photo: Michael Keane, Laura Burdon Manley and Annabelle Logan. Middle photo: Ashleigh Thurlow. Bottom photo: Zoe Hinks, Tomas Loftus, Victoria Grove, Ashleigh Thurlow and Annabelle Logan.